"The cured in place method your company utilizes for pipe restoration allowed us to repair this critical storm water culvert, quickly and with minimal disruption to the business in the area who utilize the roadway where the culvert is located. We were able to avoid replacing this pipe using the traditional method of open cutting of the roadway, which would have required a complete shutdown down of the road for a minimum of 2 days.”

Marvin G. Williams, Public Works Director
City of Deland

“I can’t close down the airport to fix the infrastructure by excavation and traditional replacement. We had no negative impact on our flight operations..”

Bill Meyer, Facilities Manager
NAS Jacksonville OLF for the White House

“Ultraliner lined the complete culvert and made a substantial improvement. I had a skeleton of corrugated metal pipe that was showing me ribs. This products proved it worth to our department.”

Rick Carper, Public Works Director
City of Atlantic Beach

"Thank you and your staff for doing such a wonderful job on our vessel ( 125 foot M/Y Quivira). We were experiencing severe problems with our hot and cold potable water system. We had made many attempts to rectify these conditions, as well as attaining companies to replace the system. Your epoxy coating system has finally restored our water pressure to normal levels and eliminated our “red water” conditions. I am impressed with the commitment of time and effort that was put forth by your company and crew.”

Paul Krier Chief Engineer
M/Y Quivira