Our cured, in place pipe rehabilitation process, uses the most advanced installation technology in the world. This process can be done in just a few hours, with minimum disruption to building occupants.

It all starts, by us using a closed circuit TV system, to survey the pipe interior and to take measurements. This is followed by cleaning of all lateral lines with a high pressure water hose that removes all grease and accumulated build up.

We then select the right diameter liner, made of woven or knit fabric, with a PVC coating, and cut to the exact measurement determined from the video survey. The liner is saturated with specially formulated resin, using a vacuum compression process.

The liner is then loaded into a compression or water inversion machine, and inserted into the existing pipeline. Because it is soft, it covers all gaps and cracks. The liner is then inflated and allowed to cure for a couple of hours. After the curing time, the inflation bladder is removed, and a new TV survey is done of the finished process.

The end result is a very smooth, fast flowing pipe, with the same integrity of a schedule 35 plumbing pipe, and a 50 + year service expectancy. Used for over 25 years, this restoration method is fast, cost effective, and very durable.

Large Diameter CIPP Pipe Lining is available in a great number of diameters and wall thicknesses to address most lining applications. It is most commonly used as a “municipal” liner, from manhole to manhole, but it has applications in the public sector, as well.

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