We use unique proprietary epoxy lining technology to restore pipe systems to a like new condition.

The entire pipe system is pressure tested and inspected, any fittings, valves, or fixtures that cannot be repaired are replaced.

We then use heated compressed air to transport an abrading agent through selected pipe segments, striking the inner pipe wall at high velocity, and dislodging scaling and corrosion build up. The waste from this cleaning process is collected and processed through a very fine filtration system.

We then use a controlled air system, to distribute an environmentally safe epoxy coating throughout the pipe system. This epoxy coating adheres evenly to all the interior wall surfaces, and creates a very smooth and extremely durable finish. The coating is allowed to dry for about 24 hours, after which the entire system is again inspected and returned to normal service.

• Clean the interior walls with an abrading agent
• Collect and filter all dislodged corrosion
• Use an epoxy coating to line the interior pipe walls
• After 24 hours of drying, system is ready for service

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